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Since 1996, Bay Area Window Tinting has been serving Tampa Bay with expert window tinting services. It was formed to focus primarily on residential window tinting as well as the tinting of office buildings and other commercial establishments. So much is misunderstood about window tint. The biggest myth is that the film has to be dark to protect from heat. Today's technology allows for tremendous heat reduction with light shades of film. Also, since the UV inhibitor is in the film's adhesive, even clear film will give you a 99% UV rejection.

All of our tinters have years of experience and treat your auto, home or office with care and respect. We use only high quality window films and are proud to be one the very few authorized 3M tint distributors in the Tampa Bay area.

The tinting of homes and commercial buildings, commonly referred to as flat glass tinting, requires a completely different type of knowledge and skill than does automobile tinting. One must understand different types of glass, frames and the sun's effect on them, as well as other factors including the amount of sun and shade exposure at each window in order for us to recommend the correct film type for a particular application.

There are many reasons to consider window tint on your automobile, home or office. They include reduced energy costs and increased A/C efficiency, UV protection, glare reduction, enhanced privacy, appearance, and safety. Safety is increased in several ways. Broken glass is less likely to shatter when window film is installed, and the installation of safety and security film, commonly referred to as "hurricane tint", can help keep your windows from caving in during storms or attempted break-ins.

When it's time select a company to install your window film, there are many factors to consider. While pricing is important, keep in mind that you should always choose a company with proper licensing, as well as liability and workers compensation insurance. This is particularly true when choosing whom to allow in your home or office. Broken windows and furniture can be replaced, but, loved ones and confidential work files cannot.

As the sister company of Auto Styles, we are proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and our "no pressure" sales approach. We're an authorized U.S. Government contractor and have performed many large projects for local V.A. hospitals. Give us a call, estimates are always cheerfully given free of charge.

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